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Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Welcome back my CRAZIES!!!  We are just over a week past WonderCon 2022 now, but still coming down from it!  It was a wild weekend up in Anaheim with plenty going on all over!  But the time has finally come to take a look back at our most recent past, so let's go ahead and dive on in, shall we?  Hold on to your Cheetos and Code Red Mountain Dews, because WonderCon 2022 is a go!  Enjoy...


Mecha-Godzilla was there and just like the movies, he had a bigger roar than bite!  Actually, this was a costume on display that YouTube personality Odin Makes made and hot damn was this impressive to see in person!  I watched as he made this in a series of videos over the course several months but to actually see it up close was a different experience altogether.  Hard to believe that's by and large craft foam and paint!  Just an amazing build!

Sallah knows how to enjoy the Con!

Funko was back and had the largest booth in WonderCon history!  It also had some insanely long lines!  I admit that I do have a few Funko Pops toys, but I've never totally understood the obsession some folks have with them.  That there are people willing to wait hours on end just for a piece of plastic that MIGHT have value someday is really baffling.  Everybody needs a hobby I suppose.

RABBLE RABBLE!!!  No burgers were safe that weekend!

This Gundam was revved up and ready for battle!

Up at the WonderCon Hospitality Suite, Guinan was there and was kind enough to tend the bar!

I've seen MANY Jokers in 20 years of attending comic cons, and this is definitely among the best I've ever seen!  Easily Top 5!

WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  You know who ELSE likes Muscle Man?  MY MOM!!!

Bunsen and Beaker...  MEEP MEEP!!!

With step-sisters like these, who needs enemies?

They really do make a cute couple, despite being possessed!

A convention first for me: Jughead cosplay!

Sensational Sheri and her "boy toy," Shawn Michaels, broke a lot of hearts in the aisles of WonderCon!

Another convention first for me: Lucy and Ricky cosplay!  The only thing that would've made this better was if they'd had Fred and Ethel with them too!

Jedi Santa Claus!  In addition to Christmas, Santa celebrates Life Day as well!  His candy cane lightsaber even lit up striped!

He bought his tickets for... ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

I definitely appreciate their dietary expertise!

And finally, a little nod to Kamen Rider, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, but is only just now getting a global celebration as many cons were still postponed in 2021.  It was among the original Tokusatsu shows to come out of Japan and in 1995, Kamen Rider made its US debut as Masked Rider and even spun off from Power Rangers in American continuity, but the franchise never quite caught on stateside, mainly because the producers here just didn't get the property.  Many years later, a second attempt would be made at an American adaptation and while it was better received critically, it came at a time when Saturday morning lineups were heading to the tar pits and the audience just wasn't there anymore.  In Japan though, the series is still very much revered and beloved and proudly fights on!

And that was WonderCon 2022!  It went by so fast I'm still kinda questioning whether it happened or not!  It was a bit smaller than in the past as some big name venders are still on the fence about in-person shows, and rightfully so.  The con's staff and security though were on the ball about everything and much like this past November's Comic Con Special Edition, everyone behaved and followed instructions and wouldn't ya know it?  Nobody got sick!  That might be the biggest take away here is that we're figuring out ways to do these cons safely.  It certainly bodes well for the BIG show in San Diego this Summer that's for sure.  Still, it was a great experience.  I hung out with my pals Matt and Riki, saw a lot of great Cosplay and discovered a lot of great new comics and books which are proving to be fun reads!  Thanks again to the folks Comic Con International for putting on a good show after three VERY long years!  Can't wait until next year!

And that's a wrap on the CRAZY WonderCon Countdown!  Things are looking good right now for next year, so fingers crossed!  And don't be too sad that it's ending.  In seven weeks, we'll be kicking off the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown, the first one in three years, so the Con Fix ain't too far off!  In the meantime, come back next week for a little Do-It-Yourself demo that'll hopefully plant a seed of interest in your garden.  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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