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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


We are back!  It's the end of the month and I saved the biggest laughs for last!  I know y'all are feeling the buildup right now and the pressure's pretty strong, so I'll end the teasing and innuendos right now and give you all some relief!  And with that, enjoy...

Aw, the blowfish, or pufferfish to those that think they're cute.  Living balloons that are always there to cheer us up.  These breathing cartoon gags are the clowns of the oceans, though the real trick is on any predator that tries to eat one, because if their spines aren't a good enough deterrent, their highly toxic flesh definitely is!  Though fugu is a delicacy in many sushi restaurants, it takes a very skilled hand to prepare it.  I do loves me some sushi, especially a rainbow roll, but I don't want "Killed by a balloon" to be in my obituary someday, so I'll stick with the less harmful fish!  Pinch Punch Post put out this theme yet again, and I'll tell ya, there was some very well-rounded art on Twitter that day.  It wasn't a stretch to say we all expanded our horizons!

And that's a wrap for the month of May.  As of this writing, things haven't been all that merry, but every day is a new day.  I hope in some small way, these art posts have offered some relief and that June will give us all some good news to look forward to.  Until next time CRAZIES, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later.

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