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Wednesday, August 7, 2019


WOOOOOO-WEEE!!!  We have made it to the eighth month of the year!  And yeah, Comic Con has finally made its way into the past but it'll be back again before we know it.  Seriously, I'll no doubt have plenty of pics from Long Beach Comic Con after I get back from that one at the end of the month!  But for now, we return to the art of CRAZY.  And I have a few beastly delights to share with you wonderful folks in the coming weeks, so let's get right to it, shall we?  Enjoy...

The Zebra Donkey, or "Zonkey" as some folks refer to him, is a legendary figure on the streets of Tijuana.  There's not much to it.  A donkey is painted up like a zebra and tourists are duped into taking pictures with it.  On paper it sounds pretty stupid and to see it in person makes it seem even stupider!  But the Zebra Donkey teams (Yes, there's more than one!) make decent money off these donkeys and it is somewhat of a tradition to be photographed with one.  Despite having been so many times in my life, I've never taken my picture with one.  Anytime I went to TJ as a kid, it was with my dad and brother and we usually had only two things on our minds: Tacos and illegal fireworks!  We would often see one of the Zebra Donkey carts out in front of a bar called "Señor Frog's" (Hence the blue frog in the art) while we scarfed down carne asada and tripas tacos from a nearby taco cart.  Those days are long gone, but the memories, and the Donkeys, still remain!

Well, week one of August is in the books!  Be sure to come back next time for a whale of a time with some killer art!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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