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Wednesday, July 24, 2019


And so it is that another Comic Con has passed.  And it was...  I don't know!  As of this typing, it hasn't even happened yet!  But if it's anything like past Cons, I've probably cocooned myself in my bed and won't emerge until August!  So rather than ramble on, let's just jump to Comic Con 2018 and keep the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown 2019 rolling, sound good?  Here are the pics!  Enjoy...

It's Dr. Roxxo, the Rock 'N' Roll Clown! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! 

There's always celebrities to be found out and about during Comic Con! 

The Rick Mobile!  Just in time for Ricksgiving!  Portable popup shops are awesome! 

Me, my niece and her friend got interviewed for the local CBS affiliate!  And then they only used footage of me for some reason!  I guess this guy never got the memo that cute kids should win out!

I realize the caution tape is necessary, but it totally kills the illusion of 5th Ave! 

Kane took a break from his Mayoral duties to come to Comic Con! 

Go-Go Gadget Comic Con Badge! 

These two are VERY excited about the new Netflix show! 

This always looked so much easier on TV! 

Cosplay Boxers! 


There boots were made for walking. 

Nice to see the Average Joes got the right uniforms this time! 

The Cosplay sensation that started it all: Cholo Thanos!  There were some very creative and inspired cosplay entries last year and this one was definitely in my Top 5!  She (Yup, it was a girl under the makeup) even inspired copycat cosplayers!  We now have cosplay of cosplayers!

And that was Comic Con 2018!  One of the best shows I'd had in a while, I scored some great swag and exclusives last year and saw LOTS of incredible costumes!  Down year for offsites, but hopefully those'll return to form this year.  Also had some killer foot pain after this one, but that's fixed now too!  I've said it many times and I'll say it again here: WHERE PROPER SHOES TO THESE THINGS!!!  And that includes proper insoles!  They make a world of difference!

That's a wrap for this week!  We'll be back next time with a look at this year's show and to finish up this year's edition of the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown!  So be sure to come back for the proper sendoff!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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