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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Welcome back CRAZIES!  It's week two of our massive countdown to WonderCon 2017!  Last week, we kicked things off with a look back at the original Anaheim show, WizardWorld, which continues today with what turned out to be the final Wizard show in California to date, WizardWorld 2011!  So strap yourself in and prepare to go back to 2011 for some relatively recent nostalgia!  Enjoy...

 Albus Dumbledore made the rounds in the exhibit hall.  He was looking for something called the Elder Wand.

Little Ultraman!  He got my vote in the Costume Contest!

Gonzo the Great stopped by to say hello to a young fan!

These Ghostbusters were pretty baffled that Death Troopers were at the show, given that Rogue One wasn't even in development yet! 

Bioshock inspires some pretty wild cosplay!  It's like a Scooby Doo villain on acid!

Countess Chocula?

I don't care if his motivator is bad!  R4 kicks ass!

This kid was being painted into a Navi warrior right before everybody's eyes at a make up booth!  Don't know if I'd be brave enough to paint my whole body blue.  I'd likely be mistaken for a giant blue M&M!

They chose the wrong pill!

Some life-size Hotwheels Cars were on display!

Spartans are like turtles I've noticed.  If one falls over, they don't get up too easily!

The Sith seem to come out of nowhere at these shows!

For the first (and only) time ever, Bob Dylan cosplay!

I always love the variety of cosplay you see at big cons!

Venom don't like furries!

And that's a wrap on 2011 and for WizardWorld in Anaheim.  The Wizard shows were always so much fun.  They had a very laid back atmosphere and you could really take your time and browse the tables and booths.  If they ever came back to SoCal, I'd go in a heartbeat!

That's all for this week folks.  We'll be back next time with the start of something big as we relive the debut of WonderCon in Anaheim!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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