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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Welcome to September CRAZIES!!!  This month's all about our scaly pals from the reptile and amphibian world!  If you've been following along with Bubble Fox lately, then you'd know that Bubble recently became a dad!  No, he and Willow didn't finally tie the knot.  He simply hatched a giant egg (After an intense battle with some rather desperate weasels!) that happened to contain a baby dragon, making for a BIG bundle of joy for the wily fox!  You may be asking "How on Earth did you decide that Bubble should have a son?  A dragon son no less?!"  Well, just keep reading along and you'll find out...

You see, the Daily Doodle one day put out a baby dragon theme.  I really liked the design of this little fella and thought he'd make a good addition for Bubble Fox.  The only real cosmetic change that I've made is that he now has a tiny pair of wings on his back.  Since Bubble had already done battle with a dragon, it made sense that such creatures exist in his universe.  And so the stage was set for a storyline that would span eight months, ending in May when little Pepper hatched and roasted the dastardly weasels away for good!  How did he get the name Pepper?  You'll have to read the comics to learn that answer! (HINT)  As for his colors, I hadn't really decided on it until a recent guest comic from Dawn Griffin convinced me that purple was the way to go!  I've also considered the notion that he can change colors since he is reptilian.  It's a black and white comic, so color's kind of a moot point really!

Well folks, that's all for today.  I'll be back next time with a guy that personifies the phrase "Lounge Lizard!"  If you happen to be in Long Beach this weekend, stop by the Long Beach Comic Con and come say hi!  I won't have a table this year, but I'll be walking around all weekend seeing the sights and catching up with old pals while making new ones!  It's always a ton of fun and, weather permitting, is usually a cosplay hotbed!  Anyway, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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