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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Welcome back!  Today's totally grody to the max, no?  I got some mondo art for you that, like, totally takes me back to the glory days!  Just let me strap on my Airwalks and we can get to to it!  Enjoy…

Wowzers!  Another early show from the old days of Nickelodeon, Inspector Gadget never failed to entertain!  It was actually one of the few DIC-produced shows I liked as a kid, back when they actually put effort into their animation.  As I said last week, Nick was still a very young channel, so outside of Pinwheel and Double Dare, almost all the other shows were outsourced during that time, Gadget being among them.  Inspector Gadget was like every kid's dream: A cyborg with super cool tech to fight crime… Even though the cyborg in question had little to no clue how to use said tech!  Even after Nick started their own animation unit and their live action shows took off, the Inspector still found his way back to schedule every now and again, up through 1997.  Will he ever come back?  Who knows?  I will say this though,  Nick's "The Splat" lineup has been very generous with fan requests, so there's always a chance!

And that's a wrap for today!  We'll be back next time with everyone's favorite "Fowl" pilot!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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