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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


And we're back!  In time for my birthday week no less!  Turning 30 hasn't been the big bad wolf I thought it'd be, although I still can't shake the feeling I should be further along than I am right now.  Hopefully 31 will lead me to new heights and happier days!  Anyway, here's another inked sketch!  Enjoy...

This total badass was done for Sketch Dailies last May on the day they did their "Create A Wrestler" theme.  At least I think that was the theme, I don't really remember!  This whole Luchadore deal stretches back quite a bit in my life, to when I was 14 and my dad got me my first mascara (mask).  Since then, I've been in love with the Lucha Libre style of wrestling, to the point that I intended to go to Mexico after high school and be a wrestler there!  Fate, obviously, intervened, and it never happened.  Still, I always had fun with it, amassing a HUGE collection of luchadore masks and even convinced my nephew that me and a couple of other uncles were all luchadores at one point, one of which was named "Huevos Rancheros," who has now been brought to life despite a rather severe grammar error in the picture above!  (My brain don't have a spell check installed!)

That's all for now folks.  We close out April next week with a doodle that will have everyone "Seeing Stars!"  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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