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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to the CRAZYVERSE!!!  It's been insanely busy in my work life as shows pick up, and my creative life has nearly become a full-time job!  Next week's gonna be even CRAZIER as me and my ENTIRE family take a trip up to Disneyland, the first time ever my family has had such an event!  Indeed, happy times are on the way!  I'll definitely be finding my "Laughing Place" on this expedition!   

Anyway, May is here, and that can mean only one thing... Memorial Day BBQ?  Well, I guess that's somewhat true, but not what I had in mind. Nope.  It's an all New Mike and Mindy!  Those two have finally thought up a way to get to school!  A familiar means to them that will certainly lead to softer landing at least.  This is the tykes' final attempt to beat the bus.  Will they make it?  Or will their "Balloon" be popped yet again!

 Would you look at that?  All that effort and they had the day off the whole time!  Talk about letting the "Air" out of one's tires!  Those two certainly got "Pumped" full of failure!  Perhaps next time those boneheads will actually look at the notes their teacher sends home!  And you know what the real irony here is?  In all the time they wasted devising ways to get to school, they probably could've just walked there and made it!  Well, if we didn't fall, how else will we learn?

With my Birthday being last week, I got a few really cool Fan Art Pieces from friends and fans!  This beauty came from Twitter Pal Lynn Andrews of 6 Color Stories

I really love the colors and style of this piece.  It reminds me of Adventure Time.  Thanks again Lynn!  I really appreciate it!

I have quite a few other Fan Art Pieces that'll be showing up here in the coming months!  So to all of you that sent one in, please be patient.  I promise I didn't forget and your piece WILL be posted here at the CRAZYVERSE!

Fan Art is ALWAYS welcome folks!  If you wanna show Mike and Mindy some love, simply send your art to:

PLEASE KEEP IT FAMILY FRIENDLY!!!  The Comics of the CRAZYVERSE are for ALL ages, so let's keep the Fan Art that way too.  I'm also happy to take sketch card commissions as well, so e-mail me or hit me up on Twitter to get my rates!

Well, that's all for now.  I'll catch y'all for a special post on Sunday featuring a "Spicy" New Splash Page with Mike and Mindy as they celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  This one's quite "Revealing" y'all, so be sure to "Toon" in!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later! 

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