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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Welcome to 2013 CRAZYVERSE!  The World still exists, hockey is still on strike, and I'm still at it!  2012 was certainly one for the record books, but I'm fully prepared to make 2013 the CRAZIEST year on record!  So sit back and relax as we kick this sucker off!  Mike and Mindy are primed and rarin' to go, so let's get this party started!

Those knuckleheads, Mike and Mindy, were late getting to the bus stop this morning!  What are they ever gonna do?  If you said "Call their parents," you clearly don't follow this blog very closely!  Nope, the silent twosome have decided to take matters into their own hands!  So let's see how things work out for M&M in Part 1 of a Five-Part Epic: MIKE AND MINDY GO TO SCHOOL!!!

Oh boy.  Looks like somebody may have waisted money on the ACME Catalog.  Apparently Mike and Mindy have learned nothing from Wile E. Coyote's many failures.  It's OK kids.  Try to look on the bright side: At least you two had a "Blast" this morning!  Better luck next time!

By now you're no doubt saying to yourselves "Hey!  What the Hell happened to Mushrooms you moron?!"  Never fear!  Mushrooms is still around!  As part of a small revamp for 2013, I've decided to start posting my comics on consecutive weeks, in an effort to make this blog more Art-oriented.  The last few months have seen a sharp increase in Cartooning output, and I feel the time is right to make some changes. So next week, Mushrooms returns!

I should also note another change as I will no longer be doing Wrestling posts.  This was a tough choice to make, especially since they were very popular early on in this blog's run.  But sadly, a lot of the old posts have been ruined due to the videos getting yanked from Youtube for Copyright Infringement.  Wrestling is obviously a visual medium, and can't be simply described sometimes.  If you need a bad wrestling fix, simply check out WRESTLECRAP!  (They're better at it anyway!)

I would also like to announce that next month, the CRAZYVERSE will be celebrating it's Third Anniversary!  And to celebrate, I got a WHOLE month of fun stuff planned, including Mike and Mindy Guest Strips from a few of my Cartoonist Pals!  Although the Guest Artists have already been selected, it doesn't mean that some Fan Art won't be accepted!  If you'd like to show Mike and Mindy how much you love them, send your Fan Art to:

Be sure to put "M&M Fan Art" in the Subject Box, so I'll know it's not spam!  Any Fan Art sent in now through February WILL be posted during the Anniversary Celebration!  So get CRAZY and send yours today!

Well, that's all for now folks!  Be sure to "Toon" in next week for a brand new Mushrooms that will surely ruffle your feathers!  Happy New Year to all of you wonderful folks!  May your 2013 be full of good health and happy memories.  Until next time, catch y'all later!

1 comment:

  1. Happy new crazy year to you too (I know a bit late, but the thought counts, right ? :).

    Like the christmas card. Jeesh, Mike must have quite a blatter to pull of that stunt. ;) But the best of it is Mindy's expression, it's so great fitting. Kept me laughting for quite a while!

    Haha, you certainly got influcenced by the good old classics. Like that, and yea, when I read it instantly the ACME stuff came to my head. Silly M&M, as kids they should know what comes out of such stunts ^_^. Simple but good, and I wonder with what you come up next given it's a "part 1". What will they try next ?

    Nah, I won't call you a maroon cause there is no Mushrooms. First you called it on Twitter that you change the handling, and seconds you're the artist. I have to respect an artists decision, and this is certainly nothing I complain about.

    The wrestling posts where interesting. I'm not badly into it, but it's interesting to see something like that once a while. But I can feel along with the copyright issues, here it's far worse (read up on "GEMA youtube" if you like).