Monday, February 3, 2020


It's here!  The moment we've all been waiting for!  Mike and Mindy, the tykes that started it all, have come out of cartoon retirement to celebrate ten years of shenanigans, most of it involving helium, bloomers and other assorted mayhem!  The story of M&M is actually a pretty simple one.  After years of doodling and drawing but not really having much direction,  I came up with these two kids who popped up in another series I was working on at the time called Mushrooms.  Their initial appearances were as random kids in one-off comics with no real plans for them beyond that.  Somehow, the thought of a boy and girl duo really appealed to me and after a few more scribbles, there they were: Mike & Mindy!  They informally debuted on the Kids Love Comics blog back in January of 2010.  Ray Friesen, a cartoonist I had met at Comic Con sometime earlier, was kind enough to give me a shot and posted them for me.  After further thought and encouragement, I started what is now known as The CRAZYVERSE the very next month, the blog for all things CRAZY!  Well, if your definition of crazy is my comics, art and convention pics, then yes, all things CRAZY!  At the time, I had no social media presence, so it was a bit of a surprise when M&M started gaining a little bit of traction with fans.  By 2011, I finally added Twitter to the mix and things really took off from there!  In all, Mike & Mindy ran from February 2010 to December 2014.  They appeared in over 60 individual comics, three books, numerous splash pages, T-shirts, sketch cards and even quite a few guest comics to boot!  Although it's been over five years now since they ended, ten years is still a remarkable deal, and so all this month, we are celebrating their achievement!  Today marks the first NEW M&M comic since they ended (The two-page comic that appeared a few years ago had been drawn while they were still going, it just hadn't posted yet).  In addition to today, another new comic will bookend this month and we have plenty of guest comics in between!  So sit back and enjoy this revealing look at Mike and Mindy, as well as another old friend longtime CRAZIES might recognize!  Enjoy...

Dinner and a show?  Who could ask for more?  The Giant, Dancing Asparagus?  Hmm, okay!  You got him!  In addition to Mike and Mindy, this spirited vegetable has also made a return, though he never formally retired.  I just had no real reason to use him in anything after!  The Dancing Asparagus has a storied history.  He was born of the Buns & Wieners Club jam comics and somehow sorta became my character.  Given the content of my comics, I guess a giant, dancing vegetable really wasn't much of a stretch.  As far as personality goes, he really had none.  He literally would just show up and start dancing!  So I guess today's comic is not only monumental in that it features Mike and Mindy's return, but it also marks the first time ever that the Dancing Asparagus has had a job AND a name!  Asparago just seemed like a good fit for a magician/dancer.  As for the gag, I guess Asparago had been watching some Benny Hill or Looney Tunes prior to taking up magic because this is definitely a trick out of those playbooks!  Mike and Mindy seemed to be taking it quite well.  If you can't have an underwear dance party with a giant, mutant vegetable, who can you have an underwear dance party with?

That's all for today.  We got a guest comic on Wednesday that's full of youthful promise, so be sure to come back and check it out!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later and welcome back Mike and Mindy!

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