Wednesday, July 10, 2013


IT'S HERE!!! The most glorious week there is for those of us in the creative field!  I'm really excited about this year's Comic Con!  I got so many friends from Twitter that will be attending, many of whom I'll be meeting for the first time ever, not to mention many new friends that are just waiting to be made!  And of course, there's LOADS of books and toys I'll get to add to my collection due to numerous impulse buys that'll likely set me back for months!  Yup, it's gonna be a great week!  But until then, I got some pre-Comic Con fun planned out for you.  So sit back and enjoy the newest Mushrooms comic...

Ah, we are now into our third installment of Comic Con's Most Wanted!  So many types to get to, and all of them very much real!  And who better to help me deal with these Con blowhards than some of my pals from the Web Comics realm!  In panel one we have Brandon and Collin Oliver from the Twxxd Podcast dealing with a more recent Con menace.  Next up, Goober and Cindy from Daniel Barton's Goober and Cindy encounter a con type I actually came across myself at Wondercon this year!  Panel three sees the whole Golz family from Warren Frantz's Off Season come across a Con regular I don't really mind too much.  Up to panel four now, where Rich Clabaugh's Graveyard Gang come across another Con regular who's numbers have grown rather steadily in recent years.  Furries are a unique bunch to say the least, but one must question the logic of wearing a heavy fur costume in the middle of Summer!  In panel five, Vinnie and Sunny from Tim Green's Vinnie the Vampire encounter an old school Con goer, one who has annoyed many a casual fan!  Lastly, a double dose of comic pals!  Noah Carolan's Nerdy Wilkinson and the Rebecca Horn's Canine Kid both deal with the most common jerk you will find at Comic Con!

And now, because I love posting old Con pics so much, here's a look back at least year's Comic Con!  Enjoy!

"Dawn of the Con" was a total bust.  However this pic in front of the Munster's car while wearing my sweet Ultimo Dragon mask sure wasn't!

A very rare sight: Comic Con being put together!  This is from the DC booth staring towards the Marvel booth.

Another behind the scenes look, this time from the Cartoon Network booth.

The Walking Dead booth.  I hung all the lights for this one!

Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.  Apparently the Holy Grail was spotted in the Sails Pavilion.

Poor Gambit.  As if his underuse in X-Men Origins wasn't bad enough, now he's being hassled by the infamous Con Security!

They're on a Mission from God with a Briefcase Full of Blues.  Best stay outta their way!

The really cool Sega Pavilion, held at a hotel across the street.  One of many cool freebies for people who couldn't get Con badges.

Never thought I'd live to see David the Gnome cosplay!  Who knew people still remembered that show?

All though it was a huge letdown, "Dawn of the Con did have some cool things, like the stilted Demon walkers!

Alex Ross-style Joker!  Such a classy look for such an evil clown!

Careful now.  I think we're being watched!

Sailer Scouts.  Wouldn't be Con without 'em!

The REAL Batmobile!  Another freebie for all to enjoy at the Hilton park.  The Schumacher Batmobiles had quite a few noticeable loogies plastered on them.  Wouldn't have surprised me if someone peed on the tires too!

QUAILMAN!!!  Doug cosplay has become quite the rage at cons recently.  Still hoping to see Skeeter and Roger one of these days.

Wonder how much roaming charges in Middle Earth are?

Gettin' down and funky with the Just Dance Girls over at the Nintendo Pavilion!  In case you haven't figured it out yet, there are a LOT of free things in Downtown San Diego during Comic Con for those who can't get badges, this being another.  Quite frankly, some of the freebies are even better than the stuff in the exhibit hall!

Straight outta Sesame Street!  The Yip-Yaps have invaded!

My niece Kristen sports a mask she got from the Kaijudo Riders booth while sampling the Big Boy's burger!

Who ya gonna call?

Elvis was spotted!  He was waiting for Jimmy Hoffa and Bigfoot to arrive on their Unicorn!

COOKIE MONSTER!!! He was later found passed out with a cup full of dollars resting in his hand.

The good folks at ShiftyLook set up a retro arcade for all to enjoy at the Hilton Gaslamp during the weekend.  And since it was Dig Dug's 30th Anniversary, we all decided to celebrate by inflating a bunch of hapless monsters until they popped!

Ursella the Sea Witch.  She is on my Top 5 list for best Disney Villains.

Moltar!  I love me some old school Space Ghost cosplay!


Nice to see these two could put their differences aside long enough to sign for the fans.  Sadly, Reptile couldn't make it out that weekend.

Last but not least, my favorite booth to shop at, provided you can get in line quick enough!  I'd mention my shock that My Little Pony and JEM! were the top sellers, but Karen Gownley's daughters still have an open hit on me, so I best keep my mouth shut.  Plus, I forked out $86 just to get a Star Wars set because it had a Jar Jar in carbonite figure.  Who am I to judge?!

And so we reach the end of our post.  Due to an overloaded schedule, no post next week, but follow me on Twitter as I will be doing live tweets throughout Comic Con and might even have some freebies to pass out!  So keep a watch on my Twitter feed for updates!

Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all at Comic Con!

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