Wednesday, April 17, 2024


*Sighs* Well, after weeks of wonderful WonderCon coverage, things are back to normal here at the CRAZYVERSE, but that's okay.  Life goes on and we must move forward, otherwise we'll just remain stagnant.   Plus, we're roughly seven weeks away from starting our Comic Con coverage, so the wait for more cosplay chaos won't be too long!  But what are we gonna do in between?  Celebrate some wonderful artist pals, that's what!  The next few weeks are all about Fan Art, so let's get right to it with one of my most uplifting pals!  Enjoy...

Lollipop!  Lollipop!  Oh lolly lolly lolly Lolli-FWOMP!!!
My goodness!  Lollipop really let herself go!  NO!!!  That egotistical Peppermint Twist couldn't take being a second banana anymore and goaded Bubble Fox into inflating Lollipop with helium so that she'd float away and Peppermint Twist could take over as the star of the comic!  It's funny, Lollipop's the one that is actually inflated and yet Peppermint Twist STILL has more hot air!  This week's art honors my very dear friend Jennifer Cuthbert, creator of the wonderful all-ages comic The Adventures of Lollipop, the tale of a girl named Lollipop and the wild adventures she and her brother, dog and friends go on due to her extremely well-funded Canadian public school!  Several years ago, Jennifer introduced a side continuity where Bubble Fox enters their school as an American exchange student and, as expected, hilarity and surreal cartoon gags emerged, with Bubble and Peppermint Twist, Lollipop's frenemy, forming a particularly close bond.  In many ways, it kinda mirrors the friendship Jennifer and I have, two people from different backgrounds, different countries even who found a bond through a mutual love of comics and entertainment.  'Course, Jennifer and I are far less inflatable than our cartoon counterparts!  What does the future hold for poor Lolli-POOF?  Stay "Tooned!"  

Well, that's all for now, but we got even more Fan Art coming your way next week, so be sure to come back and catch all the action!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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