Thursday, February 26, 2015


It's Thursday folks and we only got two more to go for the 2015 CRAZYVERSARY!  I know, now that Mike And Mindy is over, these will likely be the last guest comics ever, but you know what?  If people still wanna do them then I'm more than happy to take them, so we'll see how it goes next year!  Until then, enjoy this "Explosive" comic from Peter Rasmussen...

Back alley farts.  Almost as dangerous as stalled elevator farts!  It's often said that helium-based gags were the bread and butter of the Mike And Mindy series, and indeed they were for the most part.  But fart jokes played a HUGE role too over the years and were very popular with readers for some reason.  And it should also be noted that Mike and Mindy AREN'T related, but Peter's son declared that for story purposes, they are!  I can't argue with a six-year-old's logic.  It's very sound!

Peter Rasmussen is a Danish-born artist living in England doing the hilarious web comic Badly Doodled, a slice of life tale about his daily adventures in fatherhood.  It's a very sweet comic that often echoes real life for any who've raised kids.  Peter's son is a funny little guy who often critiques my comics, usually voicing his displeasure for my LACK of gross out gags!  I can't draw them every strip, but I try to work them in when I can!  Hopefully this strip picks up some of that slack.  Thanks again Peter!  This strip was a real -Wait for it- GAS!!!

One…  One more to go…  Shannon O'Brien's stopping by and promised me some "Explosive" laughs, so we'll see if she can deliver!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all tomorrow!

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