Friday, September 26, 2014


What's this?  A surprise last second post for September?  You better believe it!  You see, few week's back as y'all may remember, I was challenged by my good friend Warren Frantz of the comic Off Season to the Ice Bucket Challenge.  As a joke, I threw it back at Warren on Twitter and challenged him to the "Helium Challenge!"  Well, imagine my shock when two weeks later, Warren not only took me seriously, but also delivered not one but TWO helium challenge strips, calling out fellow cartoonists Ryan Klassen and Kim Belding, who ALSO accepted and in turn challenged others!  So it would appear we got a "Thing" here, and since Warren and Ryan each did two challenges, I decided to hold my end and do another as well!  Enjoy...

Man that Bubble Fox sure gets around!  And those squirrels were so darn mean to that poor chipmunk. Bubble hates bullies and was happy to give those three chumps a "Well-Rounded" lesson in manners!  When it comes to teaching, Bubble always "Rises" to the occasion!

The guest stars of this comic include Ryan Klassen of the hilarious City Folk, the aforementioned Warren Frantz of Off Season and Ben Starzec of Dogs, Ducks And Aliens!  Ben, you're now on the clock, so have fun bud!  So far, the Helium Challenge is up to EIGHT comics in just a week, with more to coming soon!  What, you may ask, is the point of all this?  Nothing!  We're just a bunch of silly cartoonists trying to have fun and raise awareness of cartoon physics

Are you a cartoonist and wanna take part?  Great!  All you gotta do is draw a comic with a helium gag in it, tag it as #HeliumChallenge on your social media platform of choice, and be sure to challenge up to two other cartoonists in the last panel!  You don't have to be challenged to start and there's no time limit, so go nuts!  And, as always, KEEP IT FAMILY FRIENDLY!!!  Other than that, "Expand" your horizons and have a "Gas!"

Anyhoo, here are the links to ALL the Helium Challenge toons so far:

Note that these are not exactly in order and more are certain to come!  Sometime down the line, I'll likely do a mega post with ALL the Helium Challenges!  It'll be our "Biggest" (And roundest!) post yet!

Anyway, that's all for now.  We'll be back in a few days with a New Mike And Mindy to kick off October.  Until then, Take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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