Wednesday, September 3, 2014


September is here!  Normally, Mike And Mindy would be appearing this week, but thanks to a challenge by my good pal Warren Frantz, the creator of Off Season, I had to change things up a bit.  You see, for a better part of the last three weeks, people the World over are dumping ice water on themselves to help raise awareness and money for ALS research.  Sadly, a skin condition prevents me from dumping ice water on myself (I've gone into shock twice as a kid from jokers who put ice water in a Super Soaker.  Scary stuff.)  Luckily, cartoon me is perfectly healthy (Although with the weather being so bad right now, real me is tempted to risk it!), and raring to go!  So let's do this!

Why oh why did I let that stupid fox help out?  Well, at least we can make a few bucks extra renting Bubble out as an advertising blimp! It's interesting to note that California is in fact in the middle of a crippling drought, leading many towns here asking locals not to do ice bucket challenges due to water shortages.  Luckily, slime is quite plentiful 'round these parts and no, I didn't use slime because Warren's Canadian!  If that were the case, I would've said "I don't know" first!  Anyhoo, the guests in this strip are Gloria and Gayle Golz from the aforementioned Off Season.  After being challenged by his kids, Warren posted a video of himself taking the ice bath and then challenged me, which leads to this cartoon today!  ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a terrible condition that destroys muscles and nerves.  I've lost a neighbor to it and a former coworker battles it right now even.  If you haven't already, checkout to donate and stop the disease in its tracks.  And please don't just dump water on yourself simply because you think it's a viral video fad.  ACTUALLY donate and help a great cause!

Well, that's all for now.  Mike And Mindy will return next week with their most explosive comic ever... LITERALLY!!!  Until then, take it easy, PLEASE help ALS research and donate at and I'll catch y'all later!

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  1. Love this Jon! I think it's a great idea where artists have taken on the challenge in this way and yours is pure genius. Love that we have a balloon animal as well he he. Fantastic bit of artwork and a lovely read.