Monday, February 3, 2014


 WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME TO THE FOURTH CRAZYVERSARY CELEBRATION!!!  And while it's true that Mike And Mindy and Mushrooms are both ending in December, that doesn't mean we can't end it on a high note!  We got some amazing Guest Strips lined up from some awesome cartooning pals that were all too happy to help kick off the start of the CRAZY New Year!  So sit back and relax as we celebrate the CRAZINESS that began one cold, gray February morning back in 2010...

Oh yeah... did I mention there's new comics too?!  Well, there are!  First up, Mike And Mindy...

 Wow!  Talk about failure to "Launch!"  Looks like Mindy's gone super sonic!  Too bad those bloomers and bow aren't as aerodynamic!  Eh, they probably would've slowed her down anyway.  And yes, after four years, Mike has finally tied his shoe!  Somewhere, my pal Chandra is smiling.

Up next, a heaping helping of Mushrooms!  Mike and Mindy wanted to do yet another profile on their beloved creator, and I just can't say no to those faces!  Speaking of which, panel five up above marks another CRAZY first: The first time one of my characters has ever stared straight ahead!  After all these years I finally figured it out!  Anyway, here's the next toon...

Why those little...  Look, the Rhombus thing was just a dare, and was actually quite exhilarating!  And you try finding time to do laundry when you got a mountain of homework to do!  Plus, my Mom worked very hard on that Ninja Turtle costume!  And I'll have you know wearing underwear on your head while folding clothes brings good fortune!  I can't deny the ice cream scoop.  It just works better!  And polka metal's gonna be big!  Just you wait!  And I am a very good sport!  I even ordered the jaws of life for them to get those wedgies out and provided extra-soft pillows for sitting!

Well folks, that's all for day one.  We got guest art coming every weekday in February with Zombie Oaks Creator Axton Kahler "Blasting" in first!  Thank you all again so much for being so awesome!  The support I've received over the years is just amazing.  I'm so humbled by it all.  God bless you all and take care!  Until next time, catch y'all later! 


  1. Comic #1: These guys need to be in Spy vs. Spy!

    Comic #2: I love these fun facts! My fav is the Ninja Turtle one! :O)

    Happy Crazyversary, Jon! Looking forward to more craziness from you!