Friday, February 21, 2014


Week Three of the CRAZYVERSARY has come to a close.  This sure has gone quick, but we still have lot's of fun left!  And it starts with today's strip from CRUNCHY BUNCHES creator Scott Warren!  So let's "Rise" up and take a look...

Wow!  How much helium are they filled with if only four of them are needed to lift the house!  Is it me or are Mike and Mindy at their cutest when they are all bloated like that?

Scott Warren is one of my favorite creators on the web.  His comic, CRUNCHY BUNCHES, is a must read for anybody that remembers what it was like to wake up early Saturday morning and munch on cereal while watching cartoons!  I really love his take here as well as his inclusion of the Helium-Filled Dog and Bubble Fox!  Nice to mix the old with the new!  Mike and Mindy have downed their fair share of helium over the years, and Scott really nailed that fact!  Thanks again dude!

And that's all she wrote for Week Three!  One more to go folks, and I promise we'll end this party on a high note!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!   

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