Monday, November 25, 2013


Well, it's been an awfully long wait, but the CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT is back!  And just in time for that long Thanksgiving week!  So everybody grab a plate and enjoy this extra big helping of cartoon goodness!

Due to the large volume of entries, and the fact that a few folks did multiple entries, I've split it up into individual artists and will try to keep the commentary to a minimum, so enjoy!

Lynn Adams,

 That poor dog!  Don't think I'll ever look at a cork the same way again!

Jim Haas, Nate The Robot

 Does this mean love is bloated instead of blind?

Ladies and gentlemen, now presenting the World's cutest Cactus!

Kevin Parham, Another Comic Strip
Anybody else thinking *BOOM* here?  Thinking outside the box!  Ashley and Kevin deserve a ton of credit for creativity here.  A helium-filled dog DOESN'T necessarily mean an inflated dog!  Good work guys!  

Chris Grady, Lunarbaboon Comics

 Damn snowmen!  Always leaving puddles in bad spots!

Corey Davies, The Grind Comic

 Smashing pumpkins.  A teenage global phenomenon!

Jackie Williams,

 Without question the sweetest entry in this experiment!  Absolutely love Jackie's take on Linus and Lucy!

James Point Du Jour,

 I try not to play favorites, but this strip is my favorite of this CCE!  I love James' take on Mike and Mindy!  And in true M&M fashion, their plan fails!  Love it!

Kim Belding, Picpak Dog

 The King of the CCE returns!  And boy did Kim deliver, hiting all four themes in one shot!

Nicole McCurry, Ecadian Chronicles
 Fire and Ice and Magic... ALWAYS a lethal combination!

Rebecca Horn, Penguin Capers

 Not even steel-plated bloomers are enough to stand up to super powerful Dog Farts!

Next up, Nathalie Kokke ( was awesome enough to do THREE entries:

 Wonder what cactus he took a bite out of!

 Talk about a Great Pumpkin?!

 Somebody had a rough night!

Another triple entrant was kind enough to take part!  The wonderful Wendy Caston!

 That blockhead Charlie Brown ALWAYS gets in the way!

 How do those gourds get so big?

 Those silly kids!  Mike and Mindy will never learn there's no such thing as easy money!

 I can hear Frank Zappa laughing now!

Brian Simpson,

 I'm playing favorites once again here because I REALLY loved this strip!  Mindy has never looked more evil!  Mike's an even bigger dummy than Linus!

Dave Wessels, Bad Boy Comics

 And we're back to the helium dogs!  Lord only knows how these mutts got into this predicament, but I hope Mr. Wessels will be kind enough to "fill" us in some day!

Frank Haba

That's a mean looking Cactus!  We've had quite the range this time around!  Frank does a lot of kids' book illustrations, and I hope he turns this one into a full story too!  Great job!

Thomas Barnett, of The Li'l Miesters, did these fun strips, two of which haven't been seen yet!

 I feel guilty about posting this one as it hasn't appeared yet, so consider yourselves lucky because your cousin Thomas gave y'all a sneak peek!  To see how the "Hindenburg" storyline began, click here!

 Poor Ned!  That Swiss Miss will really mess you up!

 Poor Linus.  Always the last one to cross the finish line.

And lastly, Bo Bigelow,

Poor Frosty!  Suddenly, I really wanna see a Watchmen/Frosty The Snowman animated special!  Come on Warner Animation!  Make it happen!

And there you have it: THE CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT REWIND!!!  I'd like to thank all the artists for taking time out of their very busy schedules to take part.  You guys totally rocked this one, especially the many first time participants!  And don't be too sad it's over.  I already have a new theme in mind and plan to announce it shortly!

Well, that's all for this week.  I'll be back next time with some new holiday fun featuring Mike And Mindy!  In the meantime, take care, have a safe, happy and wonderful Thanksgiving, and try to be courteous on Black Friday.  It's a tough day for all!  Until next time, catch y'all later!


  1. Well done everyone! Really impressive talent - I love them all!

  2. Heh, fun stuff. Like them but those are too many to give all of 'em a individual critic. So I'm just point out some fun facts that was going through my head while I was looking at them.

    I was thinking what the dogs could have used instead of the helium since they smile so much, but couldn't come up with anything proper. Only laughing gas came to my mind but that wouldn't work as it is heavier and air thus wouldn't let them flight ^^.

    And a little note on Thomas Barnett's "Hindenburg" strip here. I like it, but to be fair the joke is not quite proper as he wouldn't end in a burning desaster but just pop. ^^ The real LZ129 "Hindenburg" was filled with hydrogen which was inflamed and also did set the gasoline for the engines on fire making things worse.

    Sry for the fact lessons, couldn't withstand to do it^^. But relax everyone, I really enjoyed your illustration and strips! Good job and I look forward for me from you guys! :)