Saturday, October 26, 2013


HELLOOOOOOO!!!!  Sorry for such a long sabbatical.  I'm afraid the WiFi issues are still happening and I've also been INSANELY busy at work!  It's probably gonna be like this for a while, so I apologize for any inconveniences.  Mad thanks to my good pal Tim Green from Vinnie The Vampire for the awesome Fan Art!  Tim was kind enough to send me this "Gourd-geous" piece after I did a Guest Strip for him back in September featuring his cute "Windbag," Sunny!  Certainly gets me in the Halloween spirit!  Thanks again Tim!

Anyway, it's a very special post this week as England's Corey Davies delivered this awesome Guest Strip!  Mike and Mindy have always had a rather volatile relationship, but now it's reached a boiling point!  Let the battle commence...

Er, maybe not.  That's the problem with those two.  Their clumsiness often cancels out their tenacity!  Still, gotta love those outfits!  Ninja Mike with the Bike Pump Nunchuks and Luchadore Mindy with the Anvil Mask NEED to be made into action figures!  Thanks again Corey!  You're a true rising star in the web comics realm!  Be sure to check out more of Corey's comic, Grind Comic!

And now for something completely different yet somewhat related...

Now, back in August, me and Picpak Dog creator Kim Belding, announced that we were planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help finance an animation project featuring some of our toons.  Then, promptly nothing happened.  Well, I'm here to report that we ARE gonna do this still!  Real life has taken a toll on our free time lately.  Kim and I both have day jobs and bills to pay, so those kinda got to take top priority.  We also wanted to do our due diligence before jumping headfirst into uncharted waters.  Well, we did the research and we are very close to getting this party started!  We have our title, our animator, our price goal and our incentives list and prices!  Next on the agenda is shooting the launch video!  This IS gonna happen people!  And with your help, it can become a reality!  Stay "Tooned"...

Well, that's all for this week.  I'll be back in November with a New Mike And Mindy strip and THRILLING news on a brand new CRAZYVERSE series starting in 2014!  To celebrate this coming event, I'll also feature an amazing animated piece from cartoonist/animator Joe Mettam!  Until then, take care and have a fun and safe Halloween!  Later y'all!

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  1. Girls and Chainsaw... well, makes my train of thoughts end always at Lolipop Chainsaw. Good stuff, and a fun way to fit in both the theme AND the chars. ;)

    Ninja VS Luchadore... Nope, didn't had that so far. And it's sure a good thing they're clumpsy. Don't wanna know what we would get otherwise... I think we would have less to enjoy and laugh.

    Animation, eh ? Be sure to kick my ass to support you on Kickstarter if you guys go that way! I would love to support you guys. Took part in a few crowd produced animations and rereleases (as in new transfer to BD) on Kickstarter. Looking forward to it!