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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


And we're back!  I tell ya, queueing up blog posts after about two weeks of sleep deprivation makes it really hard to do sometimes.  Of course, when future Jon sees this, he'll probably laugh at Past Jon's misfortune, even though this very same predicament will eventually befall Future Jon when he becomes Present Jon!  Anyway, that's enough tired ramblings.  It's time for some art!  Enjoy…

I've often wondered what witch thinks that building a house out of cookies and candy is a good idea?  I mean, yeah, it's a bait house for the witch's meal, but seriously!  Fairy tale forests are loaded with hungry kids!  A witch can't stand up to a swarm of them!  And then there's enchanted ants and other bugs that are likely gonna be attracted to it too!  Don't witches ever think of these things?  NO!!!  And for that I'm thankful, otherwise I wouldn't have had any material to do this Daily Doodle theme!  And if Hansel's anything like my nephew, he very well COULD polish off that gingerbread house in one sitting!

Well, that's four down, one more to go in the month of March.  I got a very colorful cast of characters coming in to see that we send March 2016 off in style, so be sure to come back!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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