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Friday, April 9, 2010


Greetings loyal readers (all three of you)! I come bearing a video gift to you all. But first, a quick recap of the Blackeyed Peas concert I worked this past Saturday. Usually, whenever a rap show comes to town, us stagehands dread it. Not because we don't like rap music, but because nothing ever goes right on the calls. Whether it be incompetent road crews, egotistical rap artists or fans that are really stoned and unruly, they just aren't any fun. But the Blackeyed Peas really had their act together. Besides having a nice road crew, they also had an awesome set up, with a stage that was like a giant transformer! All in all, I can't say enough nice things about them.

Now onto the video:

Mr. Show with Bob and David was a great show that was well ahead of it's time. This skit was actually the second of three that also featured "Mayostard" and "Mustmayostardonaise". They were all hysterically funny, and there will be more Mr. Show posts in the future, I promise.

I'm afraid I won't be posting next week, as I'll be at the Wizard World Convention in Anaheim. I'll be back the following week with pictures from the convention.

Sadly, I have to end this week's post with the sad news of the passing of former WCW/WWF star Chris Kanyon. He was a terrific wrestler and great interview, whose talent always shined through the many crappy gimmicks that WCW bestowed upon him (Anybody remember Mortis?). We'll miss you Chris. Party on dude!

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